How Do Salts Soften Hard Water?

Hard water is water that contains calcium and magnesium minerals which make it unsafe to drink, difficult to use for washing and bathing, and expensive to use. Hard water is responsible for scale formation and clogging of electric showers or drainage systems. Constant use can damage your bathroom appliances and affect your health.

Salts are vital in the softening process of hard water due to the presence of sodium. It is the sodium in salt that interchanges hard water minerals such as calcium and magnesium and converts it to soft water which is safe for use. During the water softening process the sodium ions in the resin beads attract hard water minerals riding the water of calcium and magnesium.

Salts present in the brine solution or brine tanks also aids the regeneration process in water softeners. After constant conversion of hard water to soft water, the resin beads present in the softener becomes coated with residues of calcium and magnesium ions which reduces the efficiency of the device. When this happens, a salt solution or brine solution as it is commonly known is passed through the resin beads to flush away all magnesium and calcium ion build up.

Are salt-free systems effective?

Salt-free systems such as scale inhibitors, magnetic softeners, and electrolytic softeners are a cheaper but ineffective alternative when it comes to water softening.

In most cases, these systems only get rid of scale build up in your plumbing system but don’t change the water composition; in other words, they don’t remove the hardness.

They might seem like a cheaper option, but according to numerous studies and customer reviews, salt-free systems don’t convert hard water to soft water.

It is recommended that you purchase an ion exchanger water softener that uses salt to soften hard water.

5 Modern Tips to Make Your Bedroom Look Great

All over the world and across all countries, bedrooms are one of the most treasured rooms in the house. This is due to the fact that bedrooms are the places we spend most of our time, right from sleeping right from morning up to the evening.

Additionally, it is also the place where one feels the comfort and privacy of being free to do whatever they want, such as resting and even dressing up. It is therefore necessary to ensure one’s bedroom remains a happy, comfortable and fulfilling place whenever one thinks of going to such a place. The following are some of the tips to ensure one’s bedroom remains an awesome place:

Maximum usage of the bedroom floor space:

One should ensure they fully utilize their bedroom’s floor space and to do so efficiently. The arrangement of the shelves, the bed and any other furniture should be such that no space is left wasted. The location of the bed should be such that it takes up an appropriate space and leaves some for other furniture such as chairs.

Consequently, one should ensure the books are well arranged in the shelves as well as the clothes and shoes in the closet. This will create a feeling of
order and general thrill whenever one is in their bedroom!

Allow in more light into the bedroom:

Sounds simple right? Allowing in more light to enter into your bedroom greatly improves the total outlook of the bedroom. Depending on one’s bedroom wallpaper color, sunlight is an excellent way of making a dim bedroom to become colorful and ooze a sense of serenity and comfort. Additionally, one can ensure they install windows which have transparent material that enables light to penetrate into the bedroom. One can also add blinders for privacy purposes.

Use of bright wallpaper colors:

Use of bright colors on the wallpaper is also an excellent way to ensure one’s bedroom becomes lit up and inviting. Colors such as red and yellow are perfect examples to use on the wallpaper. The trick here is to ensure the colors complement the colors of your bedding and duvets.

Use of mirrors:

‘Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest of them all’. We all have heard this phrase somewhere. Mirrors are an excellent way to create the perfect big space illusion that makes one’s bedroom appear bigger and livelier for a small bedroom.

Mirrors can excellently be installed on the walls and even the ceiling of one’s bedroom. This will create an illusion of one’s bedroom to look bigger in size.

Additionally, mirrors coupled up with proper lighting will make a small bedroom to become magical.


One ingenious way of ensuring one’s bedroom is great is to accessorize it. Depending on one’s likes and interests, one can put wall posters, hangings and decors on various parts of the bedroom. Additionally, one can decorate items which are already present in the bedroom such as lamps and closet doors with their favorite decors.

These decors and stickers should be colorful to ones liking to ensure they bring about the desired effect. However, one should ensure they do not overdo the accessories as this might result in making the bedroom to look a bit squeezed and we don’t want that do we?!

Bedrooms are our sanctuaries, our resting places as well as our private rooms. Therefore, we should always strive to ensure they remain a happy and exciting place. The thought of going to one’s bedroom should bring out excitement and eagerness. In order for this to happen, one should ensure they mold it into a place of their liking.

Ideas such as installing mirrors, use of colorful wallpapers, maximum usage of the floor space and accessorization will ensure this happens, creating one’s perfect sanctuary in their bedroom.